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BPS Drum Smoker Kit does NOT include a drum.

Kit Includes: Bottle opener, Top vent, 2 bottom slide vents, Grill Cooking Grate, Lid Hook, Lid Handle with wood grips, Drum Handle with wood grips, Shield assembly, Nest Hook, Nest Assembly, Thermometer, Mounting Hardware for all parts, Full assembly instructions.




It's been a long time in the making, but Big Poppa is finally releasing his own drum smoker kit!

The Big Poppa Smokers Engineered Drum Smoker Kit has been anticipated and discussed on our forums for quite a while now, and it's sure to please!

The EDS kit comes with everything you will need to transform a 45 Gallon (55 US Gallons) drum into a competition quality smoker.

You will, however, need:

    a  45 Gallon (55 US Gallons) food-quality drum and lid

    electric/cordless drill

    one 7/8" wrench (or adjustable wrench)

    one 7/16" wrench (or an adjustable one also.)

    tape measure

    straight edge

Big Poppa Smokers must encourage you to be safe when assembling your drum smoker. We must also stress the importance that you choose a FOOD-GRADE drum for construction. Unlined drums are preferable in the construction of the EDS kit, but lined drums can also be burnt to remove any lining. We recommend that you purchase your drum from a professional drum retailer or refurbisher.


Here are some links to help you find an appropriate drum in the UK


Bristol Drum Smokers

Built to order drum smokers and BBQ's using high quality parts and brand new 45 gallon steel drum containers.


J & S Simcox Ltd -

Second hand steel drums are available from £25 at the J & S Simcox Ltd website:

Or via their eBay shop:

They also supply new unpainted/unlacquered steel drums from £54.99 at this eBay link:


KW Packaging Ltd - supply a 200 litre barrel which retails around £280 plus shipping.


JP Services Ltd

Here are some general guidelines to follow when looking for a drum:

1. The Cleaning Process:

All barrels are burned out, shot blasted with steel shot to remove residue and washed out with a water based rust inhibitor. The rust inhibitor is crucial, without it the barrels will rust quickly (although inevitably).

    During our R&D trials we have found it best to request an open top re-conditioned drum with:

    - A new plain lid (no bung holes).
    - No gasket for the lid. This is not required for our application and is also an added expense.
    - No ring and bolt. The ring and bolt is what would normally keep the lid tightened to the drum itself. This is not required for our application and is also an added expense.
    - Unpainted or Painted. We suggest applying your own high temperature paint to help with inevitable rusting. We recommend Rust-Oleum BBQ Black heat resistant Spray Paint Enamel. This paint resist up to 1,000 degrees. You can find it at any local hardware store. Other spray on paint enamels are also available.
    - It is important that the customer does a high temperature pre-burn prior to the first cook.

2. New Drum

For customers who are concerned with using a re-conditioned drum that has unknown previous contents, we recommend a new drum with the criteria of:

    - Open Top 45 Gallon (55 US Gallons) steel drum
    - Plain lid (no bung holes)
    - No ring and bolt
    - No gasket
    - Can request painted or unpainted. It is still recommended to apply your own coat of Rust-Oleum.
    - It is important that the customer does a high temperature pre-burn prior to the first cook.

For reference: The dimension of the cooking grate is 21.5" in diameter, with the charcoal nest measuring in at 13-3/8" diameter by 7.5" high.