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BPS Smoker Kit Bundle - Includes Drum Smoker Kit, Side Table, and Ash Catcher - At A Reduced Price


Drum Smoker Kit Bundle Includes: 924BPS Drum Smoker Kit / 965ASY Side Table / 963ASY Ash Catcher

N.B. BPS Drum Smoker Kit does NOT include a drum.


Drum Smoker Details

Kit Includes: Bottle opener, Top vent, 2 bottom slide vents, Grill Cooking Grate, Lid Hook, Lid Handle with wood grips, Drum Handle with wood grips, Shield assembly, Nest Hook, Nest Assembly, Thermometer, Mounting Hardware for all parts, Full assembly instructions.

It's been a long time in the making, but Big Poppa is finally releasing his own drum smoker kit!

The Big Poppa Smokers Engineered Drum Smoker Kit has been anticipated and discussed on our forums for quite a while now, and it's sure to please!

The EDS kit comes with everything you will need to transform a 45 Gallon (55 US Gallons) drum into a competition quality smoker.

You will, however, need:

    a  45 Gallon (55 US Gallons) food-quality drum and lid

    electric/cordless drill

    one 7/8" wrench (or adjustable wrench)

    one 7/16" wrench (or an adjustable one also.)

    tape measure

    straight edge

Big Poppa Smokers must encourage you to be safe when assembling your drum smoker. We must also stress the importance that you choose a FOOD-GRADE drum for construction. Unlined drums are preferable in the construction of the EDS kit, but lined drums can also be burnt to remove any lining. We recommend that you purchase your drum from a professional drum retailer or refurbisher.

Side Table Details
Big Poppa's Drum Smoker Kit just keeps getting better and better! The Engineers at BPS are always working to improve your smoking experience with the BPS Drum Smoker Kit. Now, we've made one of the most practical solutions to one of the most common problems in smoking: not having enough free space.

How many times have you fumbled setting down serving platters, a beer, or a thermometer, just so you can have hands free to pull a pork butt or slab of ribs? Well now the problem is solved with the Drum Smoker Side Table.

The Drum Smoker Side Table gives you 14"x18" of extra space added to your Drum Smoker. Featuring Maple wood with a mineral oil finish, brackets of powder coated steel, and all stainless steel hardware; the Drum Smoker Side Table will last for years and attaches on simply. Weighing in at only 4.25 pounds, the Side Table is light enough to hold anything you need to keep handy while smoking and still keep your Drum Smoker balanced.
Ash Catcher Details
Tired of trying to scoop out ash?  Wishing you had longer arms to reach the bottom of your drum?  Here is an easier answer.  Big Poppa Smokers has you covered.  The Ash Catcher is made to attach to the existing Nest Assembly that comes standard with the BPS Drum Smoker Kit.

Charcoal Basket not included with Ash Catcher Assembly

Assembly required, you will need the following tools (not included):

    Electric/Cordless Drill
    1/4" Drill Bit
    7/16" Wrench (or adjustable wrench)